Focus on Cheese

Focus on Cheese

Meet Flanders Food Productions.

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Focus on Cheese

Flanders Food Productions is a fast-growing company based in Lommel that specialises in processing hard and semi-hard cheeses.

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Ambition is the keyword at Flanders Food Productions. We have an ambition to become your preferred partner in processing and marketing cheeses.

Our expert knowledge combined with our innovative machinery and passionate staff are our greatest assets.

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Flanders Food Productions boasts an extensive range of hard and semi-hard cheeses.

Our products include grated cheese, sliced cheese, and block cheese.

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Focus on Quality. Flanders Food Productions prioritises quality.

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Flanders Food Productions distributes to various national and international market segments, ranging from food service and catering wholesalers to industrial and retail clients.

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FFP N.V./S.A. - Flanders Food Productions
John Cockerillstraat 87
3920 Lommel

Tel.: + 32 11 60 46 66
Fax.: + 32 11 60 46 67

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