Market segments

FFP caters to a wide range of market segments. We strive to serve the broadest possible client base on the European and global market. Flanders Food Productions does not just focus on cheese; with our ambitious team, we aim to growth further with respect to our clients, our markets and our product applications.

Wholesale food and hospitality sector​​​​​​​

Our primary clients are national and international suppliers to the catering and bakery sector. We also focus on restaurant chains and industrial kitchens that prepare meals and dishes on-site. Our products are ideal for use in pasta dishes, oven dishes, gratins, pizzas, etc.

Industrial sector

We offer bulk packaging options for companies that specialise in the industrial preparation of refrigerated and frozen meals. Our products are ideal for use in pasta dishes and oven dishes, as well as in the industrial preparation of soups and sauces. We also supply bulk cheese to industrial bakeries and the snack industry according to the requirements and the specifications of the client.

Retail sector

We offer special packaging options for our clients in the retail sector. Our cheese can be sliced, cut or grated in specific weights, dimensions and shapes depending on the client's needs. Our packaging options include freshpacks, flowpacks and thermoforming film. We would also be happy to discuss the private label packaging options with you.

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